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Yoga Programme in TV Channels

Yoga Programme in Udaya TV Channel

  • Lecture and demonstration of Yoga therapy daily in the morning since May 24th, 1999. Some important aspects of the programme
  • Human anatomy and physiology explained with the help of computer graphics so that even a layman can understand easily.
  • Explanation and practical demonstration of the role of yoga in disease prevention and cure, such as .
    • Especially for the problems of women, back pain, pain in the neck, knee joint problems and various orthopedic problems.
    • Detailed and Scientific explanation regarding yoga treatment for various problems like, constipation, headache, asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes.
    • Many people have been benefited out of this and have appreciated.
    • Yoga for the physical and mental development of children. Specially designed Yoga postures through which numbers (0-9) and alphabets (A-Z) can be formed have been demonstrated.
    • Yoga for old-age problems, special information about Geriatrics. Some Old men and women students have become models for others by performing asanas in this programme.
    • Special Yogasanas for disabled, deaf and dumb children. Scientific information regarding the disability factor was presented. Participation of the disabled children in this programme made the event meaningful.
  • At the end of the programme there will be a moral and humor story for the viewers to keep up there good mood throughout the day.
  • It is a noteworthy thing that many appreciations have been received from various parts of the state, from outside states as well as from other countries. Many have been inspired by these programmes and taken up the yoga course which has enriched the programme further. This programme has already completed 1500 episodes.

Yoga Programs on Z-Kannada Channel

  • Yoga sessions on Z-Kannada Channel from 1 November, 2006 (100 Episodes)

Yoga Programs on E-TV Kannada Channel

  • Regular yoga classes on Etv from 26th October 2009 (620 episodes)

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1. Recipient of Karnataka State Rajyosthsava Award

2. Recipient of Kempe Gowda Award From Bangalore City Corporation

3. Invited for the 5th World Kannada Conference by AKKA (Association of Kannada Kootas of America), August 29-31, 2008, Chicago, USA

4. Attended Creativity World Forum, December, 2009, Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart, Germany (On invitation from Ministry of Economics, Baden-Wurttemberg)


I am sure that this book will be an excellent help for all sportsmen. Dr. Omkar has worked with sportsmen for many years now and understands the unique needs and demands of the sportsmen. The Yoga truly benefits not only sportsmen but all people and should be very beneficial

Rahul Dravid

Dr. S N Omkar has made pioneering effort in imparting yoga to sports persons. The Indian Cricket Team and myself in particular have found immense benefit from his yoga techniques. It is a great welcome that he has compiled many of these techniques in the form of a book. Yoga for Sports book has a scientific and structural approach and is a great companion for all sportspersons, coaches and anyone who is health conscious.

Sachin Tendulkar

The book Yoga for Sports authored by Dr. Omkar is a fantastic compilation of his experience and knowledge. The book is structured well, scientific and simple to follow. I urge all the health-conscious people to consider the techniques of Dr. Omkar who is, quite simply, the most remarkable teacher I have ever met. I strongly recommend to all the sportsperson, trainers and fitness-minded people to make the book Yoga for Sports a constant companion and a standard reference

MS Dhoni