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Suryanamaskara - Gentle

Gentle and Dynamic

Many may find the regular Sun salutation somewhat difficult to practice. This article highlights a modified version of sun salutation that provides gentle and yet dynamic movements. Beginners will find this approach very useful. This is also a safe path for the elderly as well as those who are not very energetic. Persons with less flexibility and those with knee stiffness find this effective in fat metabolism. In this method, the palms are placed firmly in one location throughout the cycle of practice. Because of this one can close the eyes and perform the entire cycles. This further helps in getting absorbed in the movements and the breathing promoting deeper sense of calmness.

One can start with 12 cycles of practice and can gradually move on to perform 108 cycles. This helps in reducing the obesity and paves way for better health. As in the regular sun salutation, in this also majority of the muscles and organs get a rejuvenating movement. .Movements should be synchronized with the breathing and should be slow and steady.