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Yoga for Lower Back

Preliminary Posture I


An excellent posture to relax the lower back. It also helps in alleviating the fatigue.

Props: Bolsters

1. Lie on your back and rest the lower legs on bolsters.

  • Ensure that the lower back is completely rested on the floor.
  • The lower legs should be relaxed on the bolster.
  • Keep an appropriate support to relax the neck.

2. Keep both the palms on the abdominal cavity and spread the fingers to get tactile feedback about the abdominal movements.

3. Focus your attention on the breathing. As you inhale feel the expansion in the chest and abdomen and feel their contraction with the exhalation. As you exhale try to contract the abdominal cavity and the pelvic cavity.

  • Become more and more aware of the massaging effect of breathing on the lower back.
  • As you exhale contract the abdominal muscles and the pelvic muscles little more than normal.

4. Stay for about 5 minutes with slow and deep breathing.

Note: This kind of breathing activates and energizes the transerverse abdomenous muscles and multifudus muscle which help in stabilizing the low back.

Focus: Sensitize the entire abdominal cavity to the breathing.

Additional Informations

Abdominal Hallowing is a neurophysiological phenomenon involving co- contraction of the abdominal wall and deep intrinsic muscles of the spine in an effort to better stabilize the low back.