Yoga Training for Public

  • Yoga teaching for the public since past 25 years
  • Various free yoga camps
    • Suryanamaskar
    • Solutions for spinal problems
    • Diabetes
    • Stress Management etc.
    • for mentally retarded children
    • Suryanamaskar camp held every year
    • camps have been conducted for the people of some villages.
  • Yoga for women’s problems
    • Menstrual disorders
    • Gynecological problems
    • Pre and Post Menopause problems.
    • Safe and useful yoga for pregnant women.
  • Spinal column problems, knee problems and many other orthopedic problems treated through yoga.
  • High blood pressure which is well known as silent killer can be controlled through yoga.
  • Through yoga many have found solutions for their heart problems,asthama, obesity, headache, digestive problems etc.
  • Through special yoga practices, a fast and successful treatment has been given for the people affected with mental stress.
  • Various national and international sportsmen’s mental and physical problems have been solved through yoga.
  • Yoga training for dancers.
  • Yoga camps under various organizations have been conducted.


Yoga is a spiritual science, which has been gifted to us by our ancient Rishis. Yoga leads to final emancipation. This does not mean that yoga is not for worldly people. In fact, science of yoga has become a popular subject as a curative and a preventive measure for human suffering.


Yoga Mandir

No. 1357, 27th cross, 25th Main,
Banashankari 2nd Stage,
Near Banashankari BDA Complex,
Bangalore - 560078

Ph: 9738633441


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