Do not create any compression in the trunk and feel the involvement of the thigh and hip muscles in bending forward.


The posture helps the muscles in the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex. The scapulae also get a good movement.


Hip flexion, wrist extension, knee extension

  • Take to posture 1. Inhale, stretch both arms Up
    • Arms and legs straight
    • Look forward
  • Separate both the palms such that the distance between them is equal to the shoulder width.
  • With an exhalation, bend forward.
    • Bend from the hip sockets so that the low back does not hunch.
    • Ensure to pull both knee caps, tighten the thigh muscles and roll them slightly inward.
    • Keep both palms on the floor by the side of corresponding feet such that fingers are in line with the toes. Middle finger should point forward.
    • Elbows may be bent and relax the neck.
    • Maintain even pressure on the entire feet.
  • In an attempt to keep the palm on the floor, do not
    • Create undue stress at the low back
    • Bend the knee
    • Squeeze the abdominal area.
    • Taught the neck muscles.
  • Stay for 20-30 seconds with slow and deep breathing.
  • Inhale come up and relax


Yoga is a spiritual science, which has been gifted to us by our ancient Rishis. Yoga leads to final emancipation. This does not mean that yoga is not for worldly people. In fact, science of yoga has become a popular subject as a curative and a preventive measure for human suffering.


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