Yoga for Lower Back

Preliminary Posture III


The nature has blessed us with a firm support for the spinal column. The support for the spinal column is the hip bone. The sacrum portion of the spinal column nicely fits into the iliac portion of the hip bone. This is the sacroiliac joint. To give a subtle movement to this joint is the basic premise for this posture.

The articulation between pelvic and spinal column is the sacroiliac joint. This joint although not very mobile, plays an important role in the health of the spine. This posture activates the sacroiliac joint and relieves stiffness in the sacroiliac joint. It also helps the hip and low back muscles. Knee joint also gets good movement.


Props:Stool or Bolster


1. Lie on your back and rest the lower legs on bolsters.

  • Ensure that the lower back is completely rested on the floor.
  • The lower legs should be relaxed.
  • Keep an appropriate support to relax the neck.

2. Fold right leg across the left thigh and move the right foot closer to the root of the left thigh. Hold right foot from left hand.

3. Gently push the right knee towards the bolster.

4. Stay for 15 seconds, with slow, steady and deep breathing.

5. Release the right leg and relax it on the bolsters.

6. Change over to the left side.

7. Repeat for 4 times.


Watch the root of the spine i.e., the region of the tail bone. Breathing should be deep enough to sensitize this region.

Additional Informations

The sacroiliac joint, which forms the foundation for the spinal column, has minimal movements. Its stability can become a governing factor in the overall health of the spinal column.


Yoga is a spiritual science, which has been gifted to us by our ancient Rishis. Yoga leads to final emancipation. This does not mean that yoga is not for worldly people. In fact, science of yoga has become a popular subject as a curative and a preventive measure for human suffering.


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