Feel the expansion of the chest cavity and the stretch in the abdomen pelvic cavity.


This posture is very useful for the complete spinal column. The shoulder complex also gets well nourished. The elbows and wrist are also benefited.


If you have difficulty, you may flex the elbow so that the amount of backward bending gets reduced.


  • Take the prone position. Keep the palms by the side of the rib cage.
  • As you exhale
    • Straighten the hands, raise the trunk up and bend backwards.
    • Take the hips down.
    • Stretch the foot with toes pointing backwards.
  • Well open the shoulders thrust the chest up and forward.
    • Keep the legs straight
    • Keep the arms straight and perpendicular to the floor
    • The scapulae should move inward and closer to each other.
  • Lift the cervical spine up the clavicle, stretch it backwards and look up.
  • Relax the eyes, nose, throat and jaws.
  • Stay in the posture for 20-30 seconds with slow deep breathing.


Yoga is a spiritual science, which has been gifted to us by our ancient Rishis. Yoga leads to final emancipation. This does not mean that yoga is not for worldly people. In fact, science of yoga has become a popular subject as a curative and a preventive measure for human suffering.


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